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Charitable Activities

Sai Vilayatrai Charitable Trust, Mumbai a non profit & charitable organization grants educational

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Commerce Coaching for GIRLS.



Very experienced Faculty & low fees.

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Sai Jiwatsingh Saheb Early Life
Born in 1831 to a rich "Zamindar" Shewaram Sainani at Kambar, Jiwat lost his father at a young age and was brought up by his mother and elder brothers, viz.Alimchand and Shamdas. Being the youngest, he was pampered and sort of spoilt.

Inspite of vast possessions of land, he joined the Police force to enjoy life. He was handsome, smartly dressed and used his physical powers and police influence to overcome his critics. Nobody dared to challenge him. He had also learnt black magic. His mother and brothers shed tears on his such indulgences.

Spiritual Uplifment
Jaiwat's brother Shamdas approached Vali Vilait Rai in desperation, in whom he had unflinching faith. Tempted by the prospect of learning even more about black magic from Vali Vilait Rai, Jiwatsingh went to meet him.A single glance of Grace from the Guru was sufficient to transform Jiwat into a Saint. For sometime, he lead a life of repentance and used to say "Oh Jiwat, what have you done? You have wasted your life?" Very soon, he became such a devoted disciple of Vali Vilait Rai that anybody would like to emulate him. Vali Vilait Rai bestowed his abundant grace on his beloved disciple who became a great saint and also gave him a lot of divine powers.

Subsequent Life
Sai Jiwatsingh life is that of a humble family man. He devoted his life selfless to 'Sheva' of his Guru and surrendered himself completely to the Guru. Many times he carried out his Guru's instructions perfectly, but if his Guru said it is not okay and has to be redone, he would willingly redo.

In the process, Sai Jiwatsingh was bestowed by his Guru such divine powers that he could even bring even dead back to life. Quit a few such incidents happened. This practice did not meet his Guru's approval and so was asked to dispense medicines and give 'Rakhyas' and sacred thread to alleviate the agony of others which he started doing immediately; and this tradition continues till today.

Own Bhajans/Shabads
Besides being a great 'Bhakta' he was also a good poet. His devotion and love for his Guru brought out spontaneous flow of hymns (bhajans) from within. He sang in praise of his Guru and his 'Ishtdev' - Lord Krishna. His Shabads are also indicators of the gradual stages of his spiritual advancement and his intoxicate of bliss for self-fulfilment. These bhajans are sung even today with great devotion.

Leaving the world as per his own choice
SAI JIWATSINGH wanted to depart from this world on same day and time as his Guru and so stayed almost a full year more for the same. He was totally hale and healthy on 14 Jan 1899, and nobody belived that he would depart on that night/early morning,which he had mentioned a year ago. Late evening he bid goodbye to all the premi's, who were present and told them that he would sleep on the floor at 10:00 pm and started "Om" Dhavni which will stop exactly at 4:00 am on 15 Jan 1899 and at that time his atma would leave his body. This is exactly what happened. This was Sai Jaiwatsingh's power to decide his own date and time of leaving the material world.

Sai Vilayatrai Scholarship Scheme For Professional Courses
Sai Vilayatrai Scholarship Scheme For Professional Courses
Sai Vilayatrai Charitable Trust, Mumbai a non profit & charitable organization grants educational scholarships every year of an amount ranging upto Rs 20,000 per year to meritorious students but needy students for studying professional courses. The Trust...
Medical Activities
Medical Activities
 FacilityCharges  1. General (OPD) Re. 1/-Only incl medicines & examination about 150 patients/day 2. Specialist Doctors   about 25 patients/day 2.1 Eye Specialist Rs. 20/- for 2 weeks 2.2 Skin Specialist Rs. 20/...
New Developments
New Developments
1. The Trust has already started construction of additional wing next to dadi's building for this purpose. Some of the existing Medical activities would then be moved to this wing. The construction of the third floor(top floor) is in progress. 2....
Educational Activities
Educational Activities
Scholarship for Professional courses SaiVilayatrai Charitable Trust, Mumbai a no profit charitable organization & grants educational scholarships every year of an amount ranging upto Rs 20,000/- per year per student; to meritorious but needy students...
Present Religious Activities
Present Religious Activities
1. SATSANG EVERY SUNDAY :7:45am to 10:00am.Starting with "OM" Dhuni,Satsang by Dadi Kamla on Geeta & other Epics Followed by Saijans life history & Bhajans. Breakfast served for everybody. 2. DIWALI MELA: For 3 days every year during diwali period....
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